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This is how Belinda said goodbye to 2022 with a very sensual outfit and enjoying a luxurious vacation on the beach

2022 was a year full of many ups and downs for Belindaruptures and even changes of residence, was what the Spanish had to face.

He was under the public eye throughout 2022, being the biggest scandal he starred in, his breakup with Christian Nodal, since originally they were a few months away from making their commitment in a wedding that never took place.

However, over time, both followed their projects and while the Mexican continued in the field of music, The Spanish woman gave herself the opportunity to exploit her acting skills again, this time participating in a Netflix project.

It was thus that Belinda gave life to “Africa” ​​in “Welcome to Eden” a successful series on the streaming platform that is expected to have a second season. Although the beautiful interpreter of “Boba Niña Nice” has also continued with her musical projects, orchestrating some presentations in which she has caused controversy.

Just like the one in which he resumed the “prayer” that some of the belifans composed for him, which is supposedly focused on finding a love that is so obsessed with you that he tattoos himself for you, just like Christian Nodal, Criss Angel and Lupillo Rivera did for the beautiful singer.

However, on this occasion, the reason why Belinda caused a stir was because of the photos she shared on her Instagram account, in which we can see how the beautiful blonde, who recently changed the color of her hair for some discreet golden rays, she wears an incredible dress to receive the New Year.

Belinda’s minidress is fitted and comes in beige, which allows her curves to stand out and she shows off a sensational body, although what most attracts the model’s attention is the corset and the pronounced neckline that she wears, since it is not common to see the singer with this type of design.

However, there is no doubt that in this 2023 Belinda will be giving us many surprises, among them possibly a change in her style, as Danna Paola has already donewhom we have seen with more retro and dark looks, which they have tied with the release of their latest single.

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