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This is Cyber ​​Monday – and 15 favorites to click home on sale

Cyber ​​Monday is here! Here we explain what cyberspace really has to do with that Monday when we go shopping like never before. We have also (web) window shopped the finest clothes, trendy interior design and stylish technology that you have the chance to click home on Cyber ​​Monday. Take the opportunity to find Christmas presents already now!

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What is Cyber ​​Monday?

What Cyber ​​Monday? Cyber ​​Monday comes from the US, and refers to the Monday after Thanksgiving. The term was coined in 2005 by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman, and was created as a purchasing technique to encourage people to shop more online. Cyber ​​Monday quickly became the number 1 online shopping day, with people clicking home more items than any other day of the year. Along with Black Friday, which comes three days earlier, it marks the beginning of the big Christmas shopping season in the United States. The term Cyber ​​Monday has today spread across the borders of the United States and now in Sweden we can also shop online for fine goods for extra good prices.

Here we have collected 15 super buys that you have the chance to click home today on Cyber ​​Monday. Buy something nice for yourself, or take the opportunity to buy the Christmas presents already now to avoid last-minute stress!

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