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This interprets your ex as meaning that you still have feelings

Even if the relationship is over and you’ve both been clear that you’ve moved on, there are certain things your ex can interpret as you still having feelings. Below we tell you what!

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Breaking up can be really hard, but moving on can be even harder. Certain things you do can actually make your ex think you’re still interested. We tell you what to watch out for if you don’t want to send the wrong signals!

You run into each other inordinately often

If you know that it is not a coincidence that you met, perhaps you should think about how well you moved on after the relationship. Your ex will surely understand that you know better than you want to give the impression.

You “happen” to pocket ring quite often

No one can do this. It’s better to try to make contact in a different way if you feel you need to talk or sort something out with your ex.

You check all his stories

Of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything, but can easily be misinterpreted by your ex as you having a rather large interest in his life.

You check your ex’s new partner’s stories

This is going a little too far. This is guaranteed to be perceived by your ex as jealousy or that you have not moved on.

You ask your friend to check up on the ex’s new flame

You should also try to avoid this, most likely it will be discovered and in the worst case you can appear a little crazy.

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