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This blue November, learn about the rights of those with prostate cancer

Blue November, like Pink October, aims to raise a campaign against cancer. Unlike October — which is “pink” because it promotes greater awareness of breast cancer, which has a higher incidence in women — November is blue because it promotes awareness about prostate cancer, which, unlike breast cancer, which is not exclusive of women, it is exclusive in men.

Because it is a disease that is often silent, perceived only through the touch exam, it often goes unnoticed until it reaches more serious states. Due to the fact that the touch exam is performed in such a way that the doctor can insert a finger in the patient’s anal region, many feel uncomfortable even looking for the exam and knowing the diagnosis, not only for treatment, but also to enforce their rights. .

What this article covers:

What are the guaranteed rights of those with prostate cancer?

For those suffering from prostate cancer, depending on how incapacitated by the disease the person is, it is possible to get some guaranteed services. Check which ones.

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Property tax exemption

O IPTU (Imposto Predial de Território Urbano) is a tax paid by property owners with the intention of improving the streets of the municipality. Anyone with prostate cancer may be exempt from paying this tax. Although there is no specific law for IPTU exemption, in some municipalities it is possible to guarantee this exemption by proving the disease.

sick pay

It is a guaranteed right for people who are unable (temporarily or permanently) to exercise their trade due to health reasons. It is necessary to be a contributor to the INSS, to have at least one month of contributions and to be insured.

Withdraw FGTS

The Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) is a benefit guaranteed to all formally employed workers, as a savings account paid to the employee by the employer at a certain percentage of the worker’s salary. If the disease becomes symptomatic and disabling, the employee himself may be entitled to withdraw it. This right also extends to dependents of taxpayers.

Withdraw PIS/PASEP

Another right that can be extended to dependents. The PIS/PASEP (or Social Integration Program/Program for the Formation of the Public Servant’s Assets) is a tax contribution service, and is also a guaranteed right for people affected by prostate cancer. It is necessary for the taxpayer to be registered before 1988, and it is possible to withdraw the entire value of his disposable income.

Income Tax Exemption

Categories such as retirement, pensions and pensions become something from which the patient with prostate cancer is exempt.

By disability retirement

In case the disease becomes disabling, it is possible to apply for disability retirement to be able to take care of your own health.

Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC/LOAS)

It is a benefit in the amount of one minimum wage (R$ 1,100.00) granted to seniors over 65, people with disabilities, long-term disability (as is the case with prostate cancer), and people whose family income does not reach a quarter of the minimum wage per person.

Three days off per year

Destined specifically for patients who have the disease to be able to carry out the necessary tests without being harmed at work, especially regarding their salary.

Paying off your home loan

Unless the property contract has already been signed, it is possible for people who are victims of disability (temporary or permanent, due to illness or accidents) to have their own home financed paid off.

What is prostate cancer and how to prevent it this blue November?

Prostate cancer is a disease that can occur in everyone who has a male reproductive system, and within that system there is a structure called the prostate responsible for producing the “seminal fluid”.

It is possible that the disease progresses silently, which makes the patient asymptomatic, in a milder or more aggressive way, causing symptoms such as difficulty urinating or even frequent urination.

Prevention is done through the “touch exam”, in which a specialized doctor inserts a finger into the patient’s rectal canal to check for any swelling in the prostate, an indicator of possible cancer.

What is Blue November?

Blue November is the campaign promoted during the month of November — as the name already says — for the prevention and encouragement of men over 40 to undergo the touch test. The intention is to prevent the disease or even identify it in its earliest state to better fight it.

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