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Thinking about taking out health insurance? Know what to look out for!

If you are planning to take out health insurance, know that there are some aspects to consider in order to get the most out of your insurance. We help.

We’ve all been sick and, in those moments, we thought, “Why haven’t I taken care of myself? take out health insurance?”. However, it is important to explain that health insurance is not all the same.

Therefore, before taking out health insurance, you must take into account some aspects, namely the coverage that the insurance offers and the conditions of access to them, as well as their limitations.

However, it was really good to have a personalized insurance, which totally adapts to your needs… And that’s what OK! Health proposes.

Take out health insurance: find out why you should have one

Taking out health insurance offers valuable support in a sensitive and fragile area such as health.

When we are sick or someone in our household gets sick, this type of product can make it easier for us to access healthcare, which is not only more accessible, but in some cases can even be provided at home.

The coverages available in the market are varied, as well as the conditions of access. However, we will introduce you to an innovative product.

Because? Because, basically, you have the possibility to take out health insurance with only the coverage you actually need, that is, you can have personalized insurance.

How to make a personalized health insurance?

Certainly, you have already contacted health insurance with various coverages that, quite simply, are of no interest to you and which you know you will never take advantage of. With that in mind, OK! Health.

Insurance OK! Health is based on base product, at a cost from €5.06 per monthallowing the family to enjoy Discounts of up to 20% on monthly fees.

This product includes in the base protection:

  • 24/7 online medical consultations (consultation by telephone at any time);
  • services to promote a healthy life (nutritional guidance, “Põe-te em Forma” program, healthy habits test, smoking cessation program, among others);
  • access to medical consultations at home for just €25/appointment;
  • nursing and physical therapy at home;
  • delivery of medicines;
  • access to a care and wellness network with more than 1300 partners (beauty clinics, health clubs and other options with discounts and advantages).

To the basic protection, you can add the additional protection modules you want. You additional modules are:

  • specialty and urgency consultations;
  • examinations and treatments;
  • hospital admission;
  • access to the stomatology network;
  • access to the optical network.

In this way, you can make a personalized health insurance tailored to your needs, paying only for the coverage you will actually benefit from. Simulate now!

Simulate your personalized insurance now

Simulate health insurance online that says OK! to what you need.
Because insurance OK! Health is made to measure for each one!

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