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Thin hair? Then you should avoid this leg

Did you know that choosing between side and middle parting can affect how thick your hair looks? We list three smart tips that create more volume in thin hair!

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Adding more volume to thin hair doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated! Keep reading to discover our top 3 tricks for making thin hair appear thicker and fuller.

1. Don’t brush your hair too much when blow-drying

Do you always start brushing your hair from the moment you grab the blow dryer? According to Alissa Tietgen Smith, hairstylist at Beverly Hills salon Mèche Salon, this is something you should avoid at all costs if you want to create volume in your hair:

“The biggest mistake a thin-haired girl can make is not blow-drying her hair before styling,” Smith tells Byrdie. “Too much brushing can make hair look flatter.”

Smith advises instead to wait until the hair is 90 percent dry before starting to brush it. When blow-drying your hair, try to angle the nozzle towards the hair roots while constantly moving the blow-dryer back and forth – then the air is evenly distributed.

2. Use (homemade) dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is great for creating volume in thin hair, but avoid the dry shampoos available in stores – many dry shampoos have been shown to contain cancer-causing substances. Instead, save a penny and make your own dry shampoo with it this super simple trick!

3. Avoid middle legs

Celebrity hairstylist Neil Moodie – who has styled over 50 Vogue covers – says there’s one type of leg thinning people should avoid: mid-legs.

“The reason for this is that a middle part can exaggerate the thinness of the hair,” he adds Express. “Switch to sideburns for a fuller look and consider layering your hair up around the face, which again adds volume.”

Moodie also believes that the length of the hair itself is decisive for how thick the hair looks:

“Bet on shoulder-length or shorter hair,” he advises.

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