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They will mount an exhibition of the dresses that belonged to the actress Carmen Salinas

One year after the death of Carmen Salinas Lozano was recently commemorated, one of the actresses most loved by the public both in Mexico and in the United States.

Thus, As a tribute, María Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of who was also one of the most outstanding comedians of her generation, announced that she is preparing an exhibition with the emblematic dresses used throughout her mother’s life.

“Everyone, at the time when he used them, was his favorite. For me, my favorites are those of Lola Beltrán and Celia Cruz, my godmother, “she said during an interview with the television program with Wake up America.

Said event would take place in a restaurant owned by the family that Carmen Salinas baptized with the name of The soup housewhich evokes the traditional that used to be the actress who participated in more than 100 films in life.

Also known as the “Corcholata”, the actress originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, debuted in the legendary neighborhood tents and later moved to the theaters where her peculiar style of criticizing the government made her a renowned comedian who, over the years, after softening his remarks, He ended up establishing himself on television, where he constantly appeared on comedy shows and soap operas.

Nevertheless, On December 9 of last year, a brain hemorrhage took his life at the age of 82.

Appreciated in the entertainment industry, Carmen Salinas earned the sympathy of hundreds of people who still remember her for her chameleonic way of dressing that also made her look like the host of television programs or in plays like Aventurera, where the shiny clothes that he carried monopolized the lens of the photographers who attended the events where he appeared.

So the tribute prepared by her daughter, by exhibiting part of the dresses that belonged to the nice actress from Guadalajara, are an evocation to review her uninterrupted professional career in more than six decades, since not even the Covid-19 pandemic put her still , since before dying he was part of the cast of the telenovela My fortune is to love you.

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