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They sue TikTok after the death of two girls who made a viral challenge • ENTER.CO

Being the most used social network in the world, TikTok is now the place of trends and challenges; someone proposes a challenge and users reply. However, there are dangerous challenges such as spilling hot water on yourself or another person or the challenge of self-suffocation until you pass out. Thanks to this latest TikTok was sued.

One of the main problems of the ByteDance social network is that of most social networks, which do not have an exact filter to determine that a user is really of legal age. Sadly, the “blackout challenge” came to American sisters Lalani Walton, 8, and Arriani Arroyo, 9. Both girls wanted to attempt the challenge by suffocating themselves with ropes around their necks.

“TikTok must be held accountable for leading these two young women to lethal content,” the parents’ attorney, Matthew Bergman, said in a statement. “TikTok has spent billions of dollars creating products designed to distribute dangerous content, knowing that this content is dangerous and can lead to the death of its users,” he added.

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Bergman also questions the section of TikTok in which users explore content; that is, the main page “For You Page”. As we already know, the algorithm of the social network offers users content that they may like, based on the content they consume on a daily basis. When the two girls saw the video they wanted to replicate it because “they thought if they posted a video of themselves doing the ‘blackout challenge’ they would become famous.” So he decided to try it.”, they argue in the complaint.

AFP tried to contact TikTok for comment, but the company did not comment. However, in previous statements, the platform argued that this “game” is not new, it even exists long before the creation of social networks.

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