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They say that Paty Navidad entered “The House of Celebrities” with a brain tumor: “I needed the money”

Patty Christmas He would have entered ‘The House of Celebrities’ in its third season with the aim of generating income and being able to pay for medical treatment because he has a brain tumor that they have not removed it, or at least that was the information released by the driver Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who even requested that the actress undergo medical examinations to find out her true state of health.

It was during her YouTube program, where the communicator revealed that the Sinaloan artist would be facing a battle on health issues, because according to some relatives she would have been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“Speaking of Paty Navidad, Adis (Tuñón) was telling me that The family of this girl, Paty Navidad, told her that she is very ill, that she has a tumor on her head that has not been removedso at any time it can get bad ”, was what he commented at the beginning.

And it is that, although his partner Jessica Gil called Paty Navidad irresponsible for not measuring the consequences and entering a reality show with these characteristics, Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured that it was all due to lack of money, because in reality he entered in order to be able to afford your treatment.

“You can’t talk about irresponsibility because Paty Navidad has not had a job for a long time, she has no money, so she needed the money that they are going to give her at La Casa de los Famosos to solve her illnessaccording to Adis Tuñón”, and reiterated that it was information revealed by the same family of the presenter.

He even asked the Endemol and Telemundo production to take some measures by carrying out the necessary studies to corroborate or deny “if it is true that she is ill” and if it is true they would have to remove her immediately.

“I think they should, with all the respect in the world, if this is true, verify it, request clinical tests and do an analysis right there in La Casa de los Famosos, that they send her to do some tests and if she is as bad as the family told Adis, sorry, but let them take her out, right?“he added.

For her part, Jessica Gil stressed that it would be an unfortunate event to see Paty Navidad “get sick” in the middle of the program, because in the end it is also the responsibility of the television station.

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