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They say that Gabriel Soto tries to conquer Sara Corrales with exclusive gifts that she boasts in networks

Gabriel Soto would be trying to conquer the Colombian actress Sara Corrales.

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Rumors surrounding an alleged separation between Irina Baeva Y Gabriel Soto they run with more and more force despite the fact that they have come out to deny the information on several occasions; and once again he was the television host alex kaffie who assured that they not only ended their commitment, but now the actor is trying to win over Sara Corrales with exclusive gifts.

It was during a segment of the program ‘Sale el Sol’ where Alex Kaffie assured that, after his separation from Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto would be trying to conquer the actress Sara Corraleshis partner in the telenovela ‘Mi Camino es Amarte’.

And it is that, according to the testimony of the employee of a perfume store, the leading man of soap operas was looking for a very “fine” gift for his partner.

“I took the girl who was serving me, very cute, who has come from celebrities, and she tells me: ‘look, Gabriel Soto was here just yesterday and he asked me to help him choose a very exclusive perfume,'” the communicator shared. noting that the alleged gift was “for a very special woman“.

But not only that, but the comment was confirmed when the actress posted a photo thanking her for the gift on her Instagram stories.

“Two days have passed and suddenly I see that Sara Corrales uploads a story with the perfume. Nothing else puts a heart and the word ‘thank you’, and the perfume was accompanied by orchids. That later I did the research and they are the Colombian’s favorite flowers, ”she declared.

The gift was also exposed by Sara Corrales in this Instagram post.

To the alleged evidence, he added that the actors have been caught using the same necklace, a detail that the same followers of social networks discovered.

“And then the followers who are so observant, one of them told me: ‘look, Sara has been uploading some photos where appears with a necklace that Gabriel Soto used in the presentation of the telenovela’”, images that he has shared on his social profile.

Recall that in February 2019 Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto announced their romance in style, a relationship that they formalized in October of the following year when she received the engagement ring in the middle of a romantic ceremony while celebrating her 28th birthday.

However, speculation about a supposed break increased in recent months when they confirmed that they would have to postpone their wedding due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, while a few weeks ago they announced that they would temporarily distance themselves due to the projects in which they They are currently participating since while he records the TelevisaUnivision telenovela ‘Mi Camino es Amarte’, she would have to travel to Qatar and then to New York.

Subsequently, they assured that they have not confirmed their break at the request of the company in which they both work and the few interactions they have had on social networks is “pure choreography” since in reality the 46-year-old actor would have left the apartment that they both shared after she attacked him.

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