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They robbed customers of Tortas Don Polo, Guillermo Ochoa’s family business (Video)

Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team.

Photo: ALFREDO ESTRELLA / Getty Images

Guillermo Ochoa lives in Italy because of his relationship with Salernitana. But the Mexican goalkeeper maintains several businesses in Mexico. One of them are the Don Polo Cakesa family business that was recently crime victim. Customers who were quietly consuming in the business had their belongings stolen. The store is located in Mexico City.

Security cameras captured a robbery that was held inside the premises on March 8. Two subjects, who were traveling on a motorcycle, they entered the premises and began to take away the belongings of the clients.

The reports indicate that the people who were eating at Tortas Don Polo lost their cell phones, wallets and cash. The crime was carried out very quickly and the criminals managed to escape from the premises without major problems.

One of the assailants would have been arrested

According to information provided by the Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office, one of the alleged criminals would have been captured by the authorities. This person would have identified himself as Luis N and, in addition to some of the items, he was also carrying illegal substances.

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