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They reveal the items and the amount spent by Dani Alves inside the prison

Dani Alves during the match of day 1 of the Clausura 2023 tournament of the BBVA MX League, between the Pumas de la UNAM and the Bravos de FC Juárez.

Photo: Eloisa Sanchez / Imago7

After the arrest of Dani Alves by the Barcelona Police after a complaint of sexual assault against him, various media outlets have been in charge of reviewing the player’s day-to-day life. “Ya es Mediodía” was the one who revealed the list of items and the amount spent on their first purchases.

According to the information, the inmates have a card in which they have a balance of just over $100 dollars and with which they can purchase products in a store that is close to the different modules.

It was the journalist Silva Álamo who reported that the South American has only spent $18.48 on six yogurts, four cans of tuna, shampoo, deodorant and four energy drinks.

According to what was reported by ‘Ya es Mediodía’, several inmates would be upset by an alleged “special treatment” in the assignment of visits. Apparently, the partners of other inmates only have the possibility to attend on Sundays, while Alves has received unrestricted visits from relatives and lawyers on days.

This Sunday it was also possible to know thanks to La Vanguardia, that the former figure of Pumas de la UNAM already played his first game last Thursday with some inmates.

It also transpired that the South American shares a cell with a former bodyguard of Ronaldinho who has also been a goalkeeper in some establishments in Barcelona.

After his arrival in Spain for his mother-in-law’s funeral, Alves was placed under arrest without bail after making a statement to the authorities after being denounced by a 23-year-old girl whom he allegedly beat and raped at the Sutton nightclub.

The Brazilian’s defense is working on a strategy for filing appeals that seek to request and obtain provisional release while the investigation progresses.

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