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They reveal that Ricky Martin has distanced himself from his family after the legal dispute with his nephew

He decided to spend his birthday in Argentina and not in Puerto Rico

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The controversy has not escaped the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin in the last few months.

They revealed that the singer has moved away from his family a bit after the legal suit with his nephew.

It must be remembered that since last July, the singer was denounced by his own nephew, Dennis Yadiel, for domestic violence and abuse.

The singer, from the beginning, has denied such accusations, but this has brought severe consequences to his career and public image.

Several projects that were already fully advanced have been dropped due to this issue, and it has brought millions in losses.

But the singer was not the only one to defend himself against these accusations, part of his family has also supported it.

They have told the media that the young man who had denounced him suffered from a serious mental disorder, and that he needed professional help.

However, despite this action by a large part of his family, the Puerto Rican singer has chosen to distance himself from his relatives. He fears that someone else might play dirty with him.

Decision that already had time

According to some international media, Martin is taking some precautions to protect his integrity. Rumors say that even he has distanced himself from his mother, Nereida Morales, to prevent another family member from doing the same to him. that his nephew.

This decision by Ricky Martin had already been made for a long time, from the beginning of the legal dispute he avoided all communication with your family.

Proof of this was the day of his 51st birthday, which he decided to celebrate in Argentina and not in Puerto Ricoas it normally does.

A source close to the singer would have confessed that these measures also respond to economic reasons.

The singer does not want to risk being sued in order to get some economic benefit.

“Ricky was always very generous with his family. He was the cash cow and he made sure everyone benefited from his success. However, after the ugly accusations made by the son of his half-sister, Ricky has put up walls, ”said a person close to the singer.

Following the first victory in court, Ricky Martin He declared that he would also take time off social networks, this to heal, since he was emotionally affected as a result of the family problem.

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