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They reveal that Rebecca Jones is worried about her son’s addictions

In the last five years, the health of the actress Rebecca Jones has deteriorated due to ovarian cancer that occurred and who apparently had won the battle.
Nevertheless, The sequelae generated by the chemotherapies and the treatments that the 65-year-old actress received caused her to be recently hospitalized in the intensive care area due to respiratory failure.

After several days of receiving medical attention, Rebecca managed to recover to a large extent due to her desire to stay alive, because According to a source cited by the TV Magazine NotesandShe is quite worried because Maximiliano Camacho Jones, her only son, is immersed in drug addiction problems.

Citing the statements of who claims to be a close friend of the family of actors and under the condition of anonymity, The publication maintains that Alejandro Camacho’s firstborn is a 33-year-old man, who studied music abroad for much of his life, but when he found out that his mother was sick, he decided to return to Mexico.

Nevertheless, witnessing the complicated situation he faces Rebecca Jones and after not being able to do anything, Max he fell into a deep depression that, in addition to driving him to consume all kinds of drugs, led his father to choose to put him in a rehabilitation clinic.

“When Rebecca had a relapse and was admitted for a lung problem on November 2; some days after, On the 6th, Alejandro was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric institution to help him overcome his addiction. They went to his apartment to take him to the rehabilitation center in a psychiatric ambulance, Well, his addictions have led him not to bathe, sleep all day, eat anything or even not eat,” the source mentions.

Once the news of her son’s admission to a health institution reached the ears of Rebecca Jones, she apparently ordered her ex-husband to release the son they had together.

For Rebecca it is something very difficult, not only because of her delicate state of health, but because she is anguished to see that her son is in such conditions. and that if she, hopefully not, is missing, she doesn’t know what will become of him,” the informant stressed to TV Notas.

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