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They question the performance of Guillermo Ochoa: Journalists in Italy point out what the Mexican goalkeeper should improve

memo ochoa is experiencing a good moment in Europe, but it is not fully positive, since, while he sweats the jersey and avoids any number of goals, his work has not been enough to prevent some defeats for his team.

These performances have earned him much praise from the fans and the Italian press.but also questions and comparisons with the goalkeeper Luigi Sepe, Who is the starting position fighting with? in the salernitana of the A series and they recently pointed out the areas in which the Mexican can improve if he wants to win the position, questioning his performance and the security he can give the team under the three sticks.

Lorenzo Portanova, from the local newspaper Tutto Salernitana, mentioned something that is well known in Mexico and that journalists like Cristian Martinoli and Álvaro Morales have already commented on, which is the game with the feet, which is very difficult for the Aztec goalkeeper and where Sepe has a good advantage.

For his part, Fabio Caressa, from Sky Sports, mentioned that the goalkeeper must learn the language bettersince the verbal language between goalkeeper and defense is essential for the proper functioning of the lower zone of a team.

Perhaps he needs to grow in terms of language to better lead the defense. Defensive departments often get sidetracked by goalkeepers as well, not just by tactical setups and individual mistakes. Every once in a while he gives the impression that he takes them all, ”he explained.

Finally, he also mentioned that he needs to tackle more, perhaps referring to the fact that a team like Salernitana receives too many shots on goal and needs to make more effort so that the team can get better results, although he clarified that he likes his style and that he has enough experience to get ahead.

“He is an atypical goalkeeper compared to the ones we are used to seeing. Very spectacular and with great experience. He is still not the best when it comes to tackling. However, when it is necessary to save, save. He has conceded a lot of goals, in one game in particular, but I don’t dislike his style. He is, however, such an experienced player that in difficult times he can hang on to it.”

It is worth remembering that Paco Memo He has played seven games in Serie A, in which he has conceded 17 goals, although he has made 32 saves, which gives an acceptable effectiveness average of 2.4 goals received per game and 4.5 saves per game, that is, they score more than two goals per game, but prevents 4.5 more from falling.

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