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They publish a video reaction of Diana Flores to her commercial in Super Bowl LVII

Diana Flores at the 12th Annual NFL Honors.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was one of the surprises of Super Bowl LVII. The Mexican Diana Flores appeared as the protagonist of one of the NFL commercials. Precisely one of the official accounts of the organization in social networks was in charge of publishing how the tricolor captain of flag football (flag football) reacted to the advertisement.

In the video shared on TikTok by the NFL account in Mexico, Flores’s reaction could be seen live while he was watching his commercial on the giant screen at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. In the images, the moment in which Diana gives an interview to Erin Andrews, who tries to take her flag from her, was appreciated, so she begins to flee and on the way, she dodges various players.

Along with the commercial, you can watch each and every one of the Mexican’s gestures while enjoying the clip. The Aztec athlete could be seen visibly excited, smiling and jumping while the spot was going on. At his side was his mother, whose eyes were glassy at the end of the audiovisual.

The footage shared by the NFL surpassed 750,000 views on TikTok, reaching nearly 90,000 likes and generating nearly 1,000 comment engagement.

Netizens did not miss the opportunity to express their pride and congratulate Diana on the announcement. Even Olympian Steffy Aradillas commented on the post. “Esoooo”, accompanied by emojis of lovers was what the Mexican representative wrote in Tokyo 2020.

“What a good commercial. Hopefully this is the beginning of the projection of football in Mexico and the rest of Latin America”; “Mom and the pride on her face”; “Pure Mexican power. All the support for my compatriots who succeed in anything ”, were the opinions within the video.

Diana Flores has emerged as one of the images of flag football after the coronation of the Mexican team in the 2022 World Games. After getting the gold medal, the NFL and she have been working together to promote this discipline . She also participated in the Pro Bowl Games, where she was the defensive coordinator for the AFC coached by Peyton Manning.

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