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They make fun of Miguel Layún, who does not suffer from criticism and responds sarcastically to Club América fans

Miguel Layún, defender of Club America.

Photo: Andrea Jimenez / Imago7

The eagles of america they returned to the path of victory after defeating the UANL Tigres 0-2 on the road, but without a doubt there is troubles between sectors of the fans and some players that will be difficult to erase despite the results.

Miguel Layundespite not having played against the cats last day of the 2023 Clausura Tournament of the Liga MX, he was the target of criticism and ridicule again by the azulcrema fans who consider him very out of level to be on the team.

Among the accusations against Layún is his alleged bad aim in the centers: “There were no centers to the rostrum”, was the most repeated criticism in the messages of the users, some even included memes.

But the right defender did not remain silent about this and on Twitter he also responded to his harsh critics.

To one of the messages about only sending balls to the stands of the stadiums, in a tone of humor and good vibescommented sarcastically: “I always make a couple of kids happy per game.”

The post quickly racked up more than 200 likes and generated another wave of reactions from America fans.

The owner of the right-back position is Emiliano Lara, who completed a good 90 minutes against Tigres last weekend, while the central zone is covered with Israel Reyes and Sebastián Cáceres, with an experienced Néstor Araujo on the bench.

Opportunities are scarce for a Miguel Layún who with the passage of time sees his best level far away as the shadow of retirement approaches.

The Águilas del América, for their part, have a tough week due to all the existing pressure before playing a National Classic in Mexico. It will be on Saturday, March 18, when they face the visiting Chivas de Guadalajara at the Akron Stadium.

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