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They launch a tremendous tribute to Jenni Rivera only for partygoers, rebels and daring

10 years after the death of the great Jenni Riveraher family wants to honor her as it should, and for this reason they held several events and released music dedicated to the star, but it was not the only thing since it was recently announced that they will offer a beer inspired by her life.

It was last weekend that “La Chacalosa” was released, the name given to the drink since it alludes to one of the songs of the grupera, the product is already on the market and is available in California, It should be noted that the venture comes from Michael Rivera, eldest son of the famous.

According to the words of Michael Rivera to the EFE agency, this action is a type of “gift” for his mother, since beer is one of the elements that reminds him of a family moment when everyone would get together on Sundays to enjoy their company. .

One of the things that Michael mentioned is that he wanted to capture the essence of his mother, which represents the neighborhood that is where she lived and grew up, and that is why he wanted to name it after one of the songs, Well, it perfectly describes the power that Jenni Rivera has for many people who, like her, fought to make their dreams come true.

Another of the details they gave is that the drink was produced by the Rivera brewery Cerveza Cito B. and has 5.2% alcohol, the can design was created by his son and has elements that will make fans remember the singer.

Some of the drawings or symbols are: butterflies, the photograph of Jenni Rivera and Long Beach in the background, you can also read a short biography of the life and work of the “great lady”.

Michael said that one more reason to create this product is because of one of the records that his mother broke at an event.

Well, Jenni Rivera was the artist with the most alcohol sold at a concert, this happened in what was known as the Gibson amphitheaterbecause it is known that in the events of the grupera star there is no lack of good music that made the attendees want to toast with her with a drink, because like her they considered themselves “partygoers, rebellious and daring”.

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