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They harass Pati Chapoy in networks for saying that the Three Wise Men would not visit Sinaloa

Mexican television host Pati Chapoy is in the eye of the hurricane after sharing a meme about the arrival of the Three Wise Men. What was the trigger for the disgust of Internet users? She made reference to the chaos that exists in Sinaloa by armed groups seeking the release of ‘El Ratón’, son of Chapo Guzmán.

The joke described as “in bad taste” and “offensive” was shared through the official Twitter account of the communicator. This it consisted of a drawing of the Three Kings heading to deliver the classic gifts to children; However, the meme made it clear that “Melchor”, “Gaspar” and “Baltazar” would not set foot in Sinaloasince they are seen going in the opposite direction to the signage that indicates the way to that state.

“See you in 2024”, was the legend with which Pati Chapoy accompanied the image and which ended up triggering the fury of some Internet users who did not qualify her joke as funny.

Dozens of users argued that the host of “Ventaneando” made fun of the situation and did not feel empathy for the violence that Sinaloan citizens currently live.

“Don’t make up, what a bad joke, how many children will be left without their kings today?”, “What little empathy. Making fun of the situation in the state of Sinaloa” and “Sorry, Mrs. Pati Chapoy, the truth is that I considered her an intelligent person, with little empathy for what is lived in Sinaloa”, are examples of discontent on the platform.

However, there was no shortage of Internet users who defended the famous and emphasized that not all Sinaloans felt offended about it.

“Look, I don’t understand them… We can make jokes, memes, but can’t she?” and “Yesterday, throughout the day, I was receiving memes from people who live in Culiacán, Mochis and Guasave… double standards,” reads the network.

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