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They filter an image of Ja Morant with a stripper dancing on top of him in a room upholstered with dollars

The famous player of the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, continues in the midst of controversy, since a video recently came to light in which he is seen with a firearm in a nightclub, which is why he was separated from the team of the nbadespite his talent as a player.

Now the new scandal in which he has been involved is due to new images that were leaked in recent hours, where he is seen sitting on a sofa in a nudist center, with a stripper in her underwear dancing on his legs. Around them appear hundreds of bills covering the floor and other furniture throughout the room.

According to New York Post, which was the medium that revealed the images, there are more than $50,000 dollars in the room and they came out of the pocket of the NBA player as tips.

According to the newspaper, this happened in the place called Shotgun Willie’s, in Glendale, Colorado.

The whole room is full of money, it’s literally a lot. you would need a rake (to pick it up)”, argued a club member who witnessed the scene.

In sports, Morant received, by his team, two games of suspension, so he was not accompanying them this Sunday and he will not do so this Tuesday either. In the meantime, the player declared that he would spend that time “receiving help and working on learning better methods of dealing with stress” and promoting his general well-being.

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