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They destroy a TUDN reporter on social networks for a “macho” attitude towards a “housewife” woman

TUDN chain microphone.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

The reporter for the TUDN network, Fernando Jesús Torres, better known as ‘El Niño Águila’ was overwhelmed on social networks for an interview for the “Más Deporte” program. During the dialogue, a woman claimed to be a housewife and the communicator responded with a comment considered sexist.

The episode occurred prior to the UNAM Pumas match against Atlas. The journalist was in a popular market and ran into a family whom he proceeded to interview.

After a first contact, Torres asked each of those involved about their jobs and when the woman’s turn came, she said she was a housewife. It was the reporter’s joking response that later caused the uproar. “To home? Nice way of saying it does absolutely nothing,” he said.

In situ, the comment generated some laughter, but in the audiovisual you can see that the woman involved smiles slightly. The clip was initially shared by the TUDN chain on social networks, but due to the rejection it generated, they decided to delete it. However, some Internet users took on the task of recording it and sharing it on social networks like Twitter.

“Your video has already been deleted, but no problem, TUDN. Here is the machismo of your collaborators”, wrote a user who shared the recording of the audiovisual on the social network of the little blue bird.

This controversy caused several users to undertake the task of flooding ‘El Niño Águila’ with strong opinions. Others took what happened with humor. Hahahaha it was easier to say “PINCHE DOÑA, DON’T BE LADY”; “Americanist and macho, the ideal fan”; “Sexism? On TV? I wouldn’t have imagined it.”

So far, the only action on the part of the chain was to remove the content from its platforms. On Torres’s side, there has been no pronouncement on his social networks.

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