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They defend Alfonso Herrera for not wanting to participate in the RBD reunion

Despite the fact that the return to the stages of the pop group RBD with the complete line-up was announced, the great absentee will be the actor Alfonso Herrera, who in recent years He has dedicated himself fully to filming films, as well as conducting series.

Given the multiple criticisms that Herrera, 39, has received for not speaking out about this new stage that the group will live, the actress and former partner of his, in the cast of the soap opera ‘Rebelde’, Zoraida Gómez indicated that Poncho’s decision not to be part of the group’s reunion must be respected.

A few days ago, Anahí, Dulce María, Maite, Christopher and Christian announced that they will return to the stage in 2023, but Herrera was not part of the scoop they did on social networks and in the media, something that all fans miss. from the pop group

Alfonso Herrera has not ruled on the matter about the claims of his former colleagues, on the other hand, the co-star of ‘La dictatorship perfect’ has not been part of the meetings that the cast has held recently, he was even the great absent in a little show they did for television over a year ago.

In recent months, Alfonso Herrera has been singled out by the press for his sentimental relationship that he maintains with the also actress Ana de la Reguerawith whom he shared the cast in the movie ‘¡Que viva México!’, which can be seen on the Netflix streaming platform.

On the other hand, the actor, born in 1983, has dedicated part of his activities to issues with social activism as an ambassador for the UNHCR, an organization that seeks to support people who are refugees in various parts of the world, therefore, in this moment, It is difficult for me to be part of the RBD meeting.

So far, Poncho has not mentioned anything related to the reunion of the group that was born in the context of the soap opera ‘Rebelde’ on his official social networks, where you can mainly see his activities as an actor, as well as social, but also his taste for soccer, a sport of which he has declared himself passionate.

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