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They catch Tuca Ferretti smoking in the box of the Azteca stadium (Video)

Tuca Ferretti made his debut as Cruz Azul coach.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti made his debut with a 1-0 win at Cruz Azul over Juárez FC, but beyond that, the Brazilian strategist already gave away the first controversy of the season, and that is that He was caught smoking a cigarette from the box of the Azteca stadiumplace from where he also directed the first part of the aforementioned meeting.

Guillermo Vázquez and Joaquín Moreno were in charge of directing the first half from the pitch for Cruz Azul, while Ferretti was in the box next to Conejo Pérez. However the brazilian strategist came down in the second half to take the reins of the cement team in first person.

A very curious fact to which is added the aforementioned episode with the cigarette, something that would not be the first time that the 69-year-old strategist has done.

In Mexico, the so-called reform of the General Tobacco Control Law explains in its second chapter on consumption and protection against exposure to tobacco smoke in article 26the prohibition of smoking or lighting any product that contains nicotine in smoke-free spaces, such as in places of mass attendance and with access to the public.

The law reform came into force in January of this year and the Azteca stadium adhered to it, and in this sense said information can be obtained on the official website. All this, however, was ignored by Tuca, who showed himself again with a cigarette in hand.in some images that quickly went viral on social networks.

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