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They capture Brad Pitt and “his girlfriend”, Inés de Ramon, walking through Paris

Photo: BERTRAND GUAY / AFP / Getty Images

In days gone by, the actor Brad Pitt and the one who already classifies her as his girlfriend, Inés de Ramon, were captured in the city of love, Paris.

The couple was seen in the French capital last Friday, a video was leaked through the social network Twitter by a magazine from that country.

This pair was seen chatting with others at their table at Fouquet’s on the Champs-Élysées, while sitting next to each other.

ines ramon (born 1992) is an American Fitness Designer, Health Coach, and Celebrity Partner from Los Angeles, California. She was recognized as the wife of Paul Wesley who is an American actor, director and producer.

In the video, De Ramon could be seen in the clip wearing a shiny, silver-colored dress with spaghetti straps, while Pitt, who is almost 60 years old, looked elegantly dressed in a black tuxedo.

The American star was in Paris to introduce Fight Club director David Fincher at an honorary award at the 48th César Film Awards.

The actor and designer arrived in France separately, while the actor landed in Paris on Thursday, De Ramon arrived a day later.

Pitt and Ines’ recent outing comes a week after Anita Ko Jewelry executive Paul Wesley’s estranged husband filed for divorce after five years of marriage.

At the time, the celebrity also argued irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

While De Ramon and Pitt first sparked some dating rumors in November 2022, when the two were seen together at a Bono concert in Los Angeles.

On that occasion, the couple met with Cindy Crawwford, Rande Gerber and Sean Penn.

The two were seen hugging and holding hands as they walked inside for the concert. And Brad recently sent De Ramon a huge bouquet of roses and a baguette to his Los Angeles office for Valentine’s Day.

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