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They capture alleged infidelity of Jorge Salinas to his wife, the actress Elizabeth Álvarez

Jorge Salinas is in the eye of the hurricane after making known a series of photographs in which he allegedly appears kissing a woman who is not his wife, the also actress elizabeth alvarez.

The controversial images were published by the Mexican magazine TVNoteswhere they point out that a person who works in the production of the new TelevisaUnivision telenovela ‘Forgive Our Sins’ assured them that the actor He has been dating his nutritionist for about a year, whom they identified as Anna Paula.

In addition to presenting the photographs in which the soap opera heartthrob appears living with said woman and in an alleged affectionate attitude, they described it as “happy eye”, which apparently will never cease to be because “has been leading a double life for almost a year“.

They even assure that Elizabeth Álvarez would have already begun to suspect infidelity because she has come by surprise to the recordings, although it is also possible that she will overlook this “slip” again.

They also explain that Jorge Salinas met the nutritionist in 2021 because he needed to lose weight due to health problems, she is 30 years old and 24 years younger than him. But after the daily coexistence they began to go out and have been seen together on several occasions and even kissing in public, so apparently the relationship is an open secret on television.

As expected, the images have already given a lot to talk about on social networks, where their followers agree that the supposed kiss is seen as a casual farewell that does not necessarily have to do with a romantic relationship. While some more took up Shakira’s fashion theme, arguing that the actor changed a Ferrari for a Twingo.

Although Jorge Salinas has not come out to deny the relationship so far, it should be remembered that in September 2022 he caused a stir for defend Cristián de la Fuente in the face of infidelity to his wife, arguing that he has also kissed people who are not his partnerfor which he asked not to judge the Chilean.

“Not even aware, but I’m going to tell you one thing, sometimes the photos, the videos, are not real, they are superimposed, on the other hand, too I have kissed people who are not my partner and they have been accidentsthat is, let’s not judge so much about it, we are all human, “he responded on that occasion to various media.

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