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They assure that Shakira suspended her move to Miami; she will continue to live in Barcelona

The Colombian interpreter Shakira had planned to move to Miami at the beginning of 2023, however, everything seems to indicate that the possibility is being reconsidered and not because Gerard Piqué, his ex-partner, has asked him to, but for a much more weighty reason.

According to the Spanish journalists Laura Fa and Laura Vásquez, the interpreter of ‘Montonía’ stopped moving to the City of the Sun due to her father’s state of health, william mbarakwhich has deteriorated in recent weeks.

It turned out, according to what the Mamarazzi said, that the doctors from the Teknon clinic told the woman born in Barranquilla that her father is not in a condition to make such a long trip, so they did not give her the medical authorization to do so. that journey.

“Due to his delicate state of health, the medical team at the Teknon clinic in Barcelona, ​​in charge of his care this last year, has advised his family against traveling to the American continent, despite the fact that, at first, there was no objection on their part, as long as certain and logical precautions are taken into account,” said the aforementioned journalists, who have given several exclusives in the Shakira-Piqué case.

Although for the moment he stopped his move, the Mamarazzi indicated that it could be reactivated between the months of March and June, this being the date that would seem most appropriate and that it was the one for which Piqué was fighting, because he wanted his children, milan and sashathey will finish the school cycle in Spain.
Whatever the travel date, the one born in Barranquilla would have planned to fly on a medicalized plane so that her father, who is already 91 years old, travels accompanied by his family doctors during the journey to Miami.

While that happens, the successful singer will continue to live in the house that she came to share with her ex-partner in Barcelona and that they built themselves.

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