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They assure that Alejandra Guzmán will be the heir to the million-dollar mansion of Silvia Pinal

The health problems of the first actress Silvia Pinal are becoming more recurrent, which is why the dynasty has already begun to talk about inheritance and the distribution of assets, as we share with you right here after a source close to the family told TVNotas magazine that Luis Enrique had planned to take the 90-year-old celebrity before the notary public, presumably to get her mom to change her will, which would have sparked the fury of Sylvia Pasquel.

Now his fortune is in the news again due to the recent statements by Pasquel, who assured, in an interview with the Ventaneando program, that the main house will surely end up in the hands of Alejandra Guzmán and not because she is the favorite daughter, but because of one more What a powerful reason: she is the one with the highest purchasing power in the family, so she would have no problem paying the heavy maintenance expenses.

“That house is surely for my sister Alejandra and it’s fine because she is the one with the purchasing power to keep it,” said Pasquel.

She then explained that she is fine with what she has, that is, with the house in which she currently lives, since she considers that she could not take on a responsibility of these magnitudes.

“”What a responsibility, it is very difficult to maintain it, I am immensely happy with my little house back there,” explained Stephanie Salas’s mother.

With these statements, Sylvia Pasquel made it clear that there are no problems in the family due to the distribution of assets, since she assured that her mother had already left everything more than ready so as not to inherit problems and a possible family conflict.

“My mother has been very intelligent and she has left everything perfectly well established, so we are all going to get something, why are we going to be fighting from now on,” he concluded.

The mansion in question was built in 1956 and is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Jardines del Pedregal, south of Mexico City. The property is large and keeps inside a portrait that Diego Rivera himself made of the first actress and which is valued at $60 million dollars.

The house enjoys different environments inside and outside, highlighting its incredible vegetation, as well as its heated pool and its games room.

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