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They assault Eduardo Santamarina and Mayrin Villanueva while they were walking with their children. Here are the details! | VIDEO

Despite the fact that it is Christmas time, crime does not stop, and celebrities are not spared from it either. On this occasion, the Mexican actors, Mayrín Villanueva and her husband Eduardo Santamarina.

Mayrin and Eduardo experienced moments of terror in the early hours of this Thursday, December 22, when they were assaulted by some subjects while they were traveling in their truck.

According to information circulating on social networks, the actors were circulating in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office in Mexico City aboard their truck when lovers of foreign things surprised them and at gunpoint they broke one of the windows of the vehicle and began to strip them of their belongings.

According to the information, the actors did not travel alone, but were accompanied by their children; some of the belongings that were taken from them, including an expensive watch, however, more details about this assault suffered by the actors are unknown.

Despite the fact that there is very little information about what happened on social networks, an image of Mayrin Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina are already circulating, they were captured in the offices of the authorities filing the corresponding complaint.

It was on the twitter account of the morning program Venga la Alegría where an audio of the soap opera heartthrob was shared giving some details of the assault he suffered when they were going to the Mexico City Airport; Santamarina revealed that he and his family are in perfect condition and that fortunately he was only scared and lost material things.

“Indeed they assaulted us yesterday, arriving at the airport, we already went to the prosecutor’s office and draw up the record, thank God we are fine, nothing more than the scare and material things that come and go”

On the other hand, the actor assures that he will not give any more statements in this regard because they are afraid that the criminals who assaulted them this morning will do something against them, because between The things that were taken from them took the bag of his wife, the actress Mayrín Villanueva, in which she carried identifications where they can obtain her address and important information.


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