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“They are going to realize the assholes…”: Julio César Chávez announces a reality show with his family, where “everything good and bad will be seen”

Soon we will know what happens inside the Chávez dynasty, since Julius Caesar announced that it is in the process of launching a reality show in which his whole family will participatein a show that sounds similar to The Kardashians.

The Grand Mexican Champion surprised all and sundry when he revealed the news in an interview he gave to various media outlets that intercepted him at the Mexico City airport.

I want to tell you that in April a reality show for the family begins, for the Chávez family and there they will meet all the assholes…, all the good and all the bad”, expressed the legendary boxer.

Although he did not mention the names of each of the participants, his four children are expected to be present: JC Chavez Jr., Omar, Christian and Nicole; besides his wife Myriam Escobar and his daughter-in-law Frida Munoz, Edgar’s ex-partner, eldest son of Chapo Guzmán; even her grandchildren could also appear on the program.

It will be six weeks of life, of living with the whole family”, he added.

When questioned by which television station it will be broadcast, the boxer assured that “goes with disney”, although he did not say how many seasons or episodes it would be and did not confirm if it will be available in April or if they will just start recording it.

This news comes after the elimination of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos of his daughter Nicolewho possibly inspired Julio César Chávez to venture into this field so fashionable in the world of entertainment.

It is also announced shortly after Chávez Jr. began to have contact with his family, in his periodic departures from the rehabilitation center where he was admitted to combat his addictions, and days after being discharged on February 25 and leaving the place permanently, as his father recounted.

Julio was doing badly, a ray of light fell on him and the important thing is that he will recover. He’s going to be one year old on the 25th of this month, he’s coming out this month”, he concluded.

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