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These women dream to replace Mery Gutiérrez in MinTIC

The appointment of Mery Gutiérrez as the new MinTIC fell due to the conflicts of interest that surrounded the one appointed by President Gustavo Petro. Now, the same president is evaluating new resumes to replace Mery Gutiérrez with her appointment in that portfolio.

Once it became known that the appointment would not be carried out by the Presidency, several profiles of women who are being targeted to replace the appointment in this portfolio became known. It is important to clarify that these three names were delivered by the U party on August 11, when President Gustavo Petro confirmed that he would not carry out the appointment of Mery Gutiérrez in this position. The names that sound to replace Mery Gutiérrez in this position are: Galé Mallol, Alexandra Falla and Diana Celis, they are the ones that sound, but who are they?

Gale Mallol

She is currently president of the Association of Information and Communications Technology Operators of Colombia (ASOTIC). She is also a professional in Finance and international relations and a Specialist in Government and Public Policy and regional development. She was a candidate for the House of Representatives led by Juan Manuel Galán and Simón Gaviria. She is the strongest name for this bag.

Alexandra Fails

She is a Social Communicator from the Externado de Colombia University, has a master’s degree in Political Science from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (1995) and a Specialization in Intellectual Property, Copyright and New Technologies from the Externado de Colombia University. Between April 2012 and May 2015, she was part of the National Television Authority. Between March 2003 and June 200, she was Vice President of Radio of the now defunct National Institute of Radio and Television – INRAVISION.

Diana Celis

She is a prominent political scientist from the Universidad de Los Andes, who has also studied at the Universidad Externado, Universidad de Barcelona and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. As part of her career, she held positions in the Telecommunications Company of Bogotá, ETB, and the Ministries of the Interior, Housing and ICT, and was manager of RTVC during the government of Juan Manuel Santos.

It is worth remembering that Mery Gutiérrez’s proposal caused a conflict between the U party and the Historical Pact, but the proposal was upheld.

Why did Mery Gutiérrez fall for MinTIC?

The case that surrounds Mery Gutiérrez and that cost her the position as Minister of ICT, is the demand of her production company Programar Televisión to the National Television Authority (ANTV) for a value of 45,000 million pesos. The conflict lies in the fact that when ANTV disappeared, the case was taken over by the ICT Ministry, where Mery would arrive.

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