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These will be the 4 colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 • ENTER.CO

Although Samsung has not yet released the Galaxy Z Flip 4, (almost) all the details have already been revealed. In fact, the company has contributed to the information leak, once allowing people to pre-order the Galaxy Flip 4 and Fold 4. However, the appearance of the phone was a mystery…until now.

Giznext, a news portal in collaboration with the leaker @OnLeaks, known for its successes, revealed images of the phone that, although they do not reveal anything shocking, confirms the colors in which it will be available. This will undoubtedly give more support to buyers to reserve or not the cell phone for $999 dollars.

Said like this, the colors that we see in the photograph are:

Graphite (known as black)

pray pink

Bora Purple (translated as purple purple or really purple)

Blue (light blue)

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The Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 5G connectivity is designed to turn heads with its four “basic” colors that also feature a small black section on the back for a nice two-tone look. In this black section, the camera sensors will be located, which are expected to maintain the same characteristics as the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Of course, we can see that the frame of the new Samsung ship is a little wider than its predecessor.

Although few details have been revealed, rumors indicate that we can expect this concho phone to be equipped with a 3700 mAh battery, hence its wider bezels. Regarding its processor, an important change is also expected. Recall that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888, now, the Flip 4 is expected to work with the Snapdragon 8Gen1. However, these are just rumors, so we must wait for the official launch of the cell phone to find out if the leakers were right.

Image: OnLeaks

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