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These hairstyles are a hot day hit, check it out!

It’s 7 from .me already hot? So if, like us, you like to fight the heat in style, our new hair inspirations straight from Instagram are sure to make you break. Medusa ponytail, bantu knots, flat bun, bubble tail… for every hair type, your summer 2022 hairstyle idea!

What trendy hairstyle idea to adopt to fight the heat wave this summer 2022?

hairstyle trend summer 2022 to avoid neck sweating

Every summer, always the same story: a greasy fringe, an itchy backside, a sweaty neck, and a shiny forehead. Having long hair during a heat wave is a bit like wearing a wool coat in the sun. So, to stop sweating around your neck, here are 5 easy trendy hairstyle ideas to wear this season, no matter what your hair type or length.

The low bun (and accessory)

flat low bun summer 2022 hair idea to avoid neck sweating

Certainly, the low bun is among the most practical hairstyles to wear in summer to avoid sweating around your neck. To achieve it, nothing could be simpler! Bring a rubber band, a brush and some flat pliers. Use a hairspray and brush to make your hair tacky and tie it up more easily. You can also buckle them with a curling iron before tying them. To hide the elastic band and give your bun a bohemian look, tie a printed scarf around its base.

The Bubble Ponytail: a summer 2022 hairstyle idea for long hair

idee hairstyle summer 2022 woman hair sweat

If it had its heyday a few decades ago, the Bubble ponytail is making a growing comeback this season. To succeed, take several rubber bands and position them all over your high tail. They must be attached at equal intervals as shown above. Sophisticated look guaranteed! Perfect for fighting the heat and sweat, the Bubble Ponytail can be worn with anything and everywhere. The only condition to adopt it without losing? She has long, silky hair! For the twister, swap the first rubber band for a giant darling or a nice silk scarf.

The Medusa Ponytail

idee trend hairstyle summer heat oily neck oily hair

In summer, nothing better than a beautiful long train to fight the summer heat in style. However, this season, do you want to update it? That’s nice! Trendy and timeless, the ponytail is endlessly available. So, after the bubble ponytail and ponytail, full lighthouse on the Medusa ponytail! To do it, just make a classic ponytail, add some retro mini braids and voila! As for his weird name, it’s true that he’s not the coolest. And yet, this beauty is already everywhere and leaves no one indifferent.

The bread with a crab claw

claw crab idea cut hairstyle neck sweat summer 2022

Looking for a summer 2022 hairstyle idea to change the bohemian bun a bit? You’ve certainly tied your hair up with crab clips during a facial or shower. However, this summer it becomes a hair accessory in its own right and blends in with many summer hairstyles like the bun. Thus, it brilliantly replaces the rubber band, the big darling and the pins. To fight the heat or simply to accessorize a slightly too basic hairstyle, the crab claw is the ideal accessory. In short, now we dare not only on the way out of the bathroom.

The elegant bread or plated bread

idee cut hairstyle woman trend summer heat oily neck oily hair

If you’re a fan of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, then you probably know her favorite hairstyle: the sleek Bun. Trendy and easy to do, this elegant bun has been a hit since summer 2021. And with the scorching temperatures approaching, he doesn’t intend to leave. Its first advantage is that it is perfect for camouflaging oily hair. Sweat and sebum from the scalp will help you achieve this hairstyle quickly and worry-free. Less boring than a simple tail and wiser than comforters, this hairstyle is the ideal ally against sweating. A brush, a styling gel, an elastic band and you’re there. It’s also the ultimate trick to having a lifted look. Also, you can access it in many ways: zig zag bandana, bandana, crab claw, bars, mini braids, etc.

Summer 2022 hairstyle idea for afro hair: Space Buns or Bantu Knots

hairstyle summer 2022 hair sweat afro frizzy woman

Bantu Nodes have been everywhere for quite some time. The reason? Well, these mini buns are much more original than a simple bun. A quintessential anti-heat hairstyle, Space Buns’ little cousins ​​brilliantly enhance frizzy, unruly hair. For more style this summer, accessorize with bars, giant darlings, hair rings or pair them with some retro Sharon Tate style mini braids.

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