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These are the stories that we will see in season 2 of The Sandman • ENTER.CO

At this point we can say that the adaptation of The Sandman is a success. Which means a series of bad decisions have to happen (cough, cough, Warner Media, cough, cough) for the show to not get a second season. For our series, the creative team at The Sandman went all in on planting the seeds for new stories.

Are you dying to know what’s on the way? At ENTER.CO we give you a glimpse into the future.

Lucifer’s Move: Season Of Mists

It’s no coincidence that the latest Sandman storyline culminates with Lucifer vowing to make his move against Morpheus and the realm of dreams. In the comics ‘A Doll’s House’ (the story that the last few episodes of the show are inspired by) leads to this new arc. Without going into too much detail, the story begins with Morpheus looking to rescue Nada (the woman we saw trapped in Hell). At the same time, Lucifer makes an unusual move that puts Morpheus in charge of Hell, which puts him in charge of this realm… but at the same time he comes into conflict with some of the most powerful beings. In the comics this story has epic proportions.

the seventh brother

The Sandman

In the first season of The Sandman we had the opportunity to meet some of the seven brothers. Dream (Dream), the protagonist, as well as a chapter dedicated to Death (death). We found out that one of the secret villains in the story was Desire, as well as her twin sister Desperation. There are two other brothers that we have met, but have been quickly mentioned Destiny (Destiny) and Delirium (Deliriums).

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However, a ‘prodigal son’ or a ‘missing brother’ is also mentioned again and again. It is also mentioned that this Eternal apparently ‘abandoned his duties’, though who he may be is never discussed in detail. At ENTER.CO we don’t want to answer this and remove the surprise, but we can guarantee that it is an answer that will come (although we don’t want to promise that the answer will be in the second season).

johanne constantine

Episode 3 of The Sandman introduces us to the character of Johanna Constantine played by Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who). Although her appearance was limited to a single episode, the character garnered enough good impressions to request her return (even by the creator of the comics himself, Neil Gaiman).

However, it is most likely that who we see in The Sandman season 2 is not the modern version of Constantine, but his predecessor. In a later episode, Dream confesses that he met her again and that she proved to be quite competent in “completing a task” for him. In the comics there is a certain adventure in the French revolution that can serve as information. We just leave that data on the table.

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