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These are the only iPhone compatible with iOS 16 • ENTER.CO

Last Monday, Apple opened its long-awaited event, WWDC 2022. As usual, they gave their opening speech where they announced the features and tools that come with the new versions of operating systems. Among the announcements, there was talk of the news of iOS 16 that will soon arrive on some iPhones; yes, only some, unfortunately not all users will be able to enjoy it.

iPhones compatible with iOS 16

As reported by the Cupertino company, iOS 16, which is expected in the coming months, will be available for all cell phones launched after 2017. In other words, the only phones that will be compatible with this version will be those that have come out after the iPhone 8 , (including this cell phone). This will mean that iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and first-generation iPhone SE users who were waiting for iOS version 16 will not be able to get it.

Of course, this is not new, Apple users should keep in mind that the company currently provides technical support for 5 and 7 years, being one of the companies that offers the most updates to users. It’s important to remember that “the first-generation iPhone SE was recently replaced by a 2022 model with the same design as the 2016 edition, so if you own a 6S or SE and like that form factor, you don’t have to give it up yet” as reported in The Verge.

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Macs compatible with macOS Ventura

In the case of computers, Apple has been a little more specific with the models that will be compatible with the new version of its operating system. These are the computers that can be upgraded:

iMac, 2017 and newer

Mac Pro, 2019 and later

iMac Pro, 2017

MacBook, 2017 and newer

Mac mini, 2018 and later

MacBook Air, 2018 and later

MacBook Pro, 2017 and later

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