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These are the games leaving Game Pass in September 2022 • ENTER.CO

Now that we have a group Game Pass in Colombia, it is certain that many more people will begin to enjoy their library. If you are one of those who is launching a subscription, it is time for you to pay attention to the games that will soon say goodbye to the service… lest you lose your chance to download them before they leave.

In terms of what’s going away, you really don’t have to worry about a heavyweight leaving your library. Perhaps we would recommend that you take a look at ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ which is one of the best games in the Game Pass library and a good title for stealth game lovers. ‘I Am Fish’ is perfect if you’re a fan of games that have a silly premise, but give you the freedom to play around with the setting for fun results.

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We suggest that you at least give them a look before discarding them completely. You have ten days before these games leave the Game Pass library:

– A Plague Tale: Innocence (Console and PC).

– Aragami 2 Console and PC).

– Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Console and PC).

– Craftopia (Console and PC).

– Final Fantasy XIII (Console and PC).

– Flynn: Son of Crimson (Console and PC).

– I Am Fish (Console and PC C).

– Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Console and PC).

– Mighty Goose (Console and PC).

– SkateBird (Console and PC).

To our misfortune, September not a good month for Game Pass additions. In terms of new games that arrive, the most important would be Disney Dreamlight Valley: Founder’s Edition, which is an Animal Crossing with the Mickey Mouse characters… and little of the Nintendo franchise.

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