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These are the 5 most selfish zodiac signs according to astrology

Selfless people make the world go round. People who do this donate time and money to benefit others and are always available to offer a shoulder to shoulder or help a friend in need.

Meanwhile, selfish people do the opposite. These people only think of benefiting one person, that is, themselves. But it turns out we probably can’t blame them. Some experts say this trait could be due to your zodiac sign. Here, astrologers tell us the most selfish signs of the zodiac, from mildly self-centered to dangerously self-centered.


Capricorn people are known to be hardworking and ambitious. “They can emotionally separate themselves from other people, not letting anyone into their life,” says Alice Alta, astrologer for the horoscope app Futuro.

“At worst, they might even start stepping on people on the way to their goal.”

However, he noted that at best, their goal would be to be socially useful and help people in the end. Because of this, Capricorns must set social goals as well as work and finance-related goals. That way, even if they become selfish in overdoing it, it will serve the greater good.

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