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Thermal paint: how it works, advantages

Sustainability actions are also reaching the civil construction sector, in an attempt to contribute so that natural resources, which are currently so threatened, remain available for future generations. In this context, it is increasingly common to hear about sustainable buildings, green homes and so on.

Once applied to the roof, it acts as a thermal insulator.

What this article covers:

Innovations in modern and sustainable buildings

This type of construction brings a series of innovations, which contribute in one way or another to saving water and electricity, among other areas, which in addition to helping to preserve the environment, can become a great way to avoid high maintenance costs that weigh heavily on residents’ pockets.

One of the most recent novelties related to sustainable buildings is the thermal paint for the roof, a different type of paint, which appeared in the United States, through a technology developed by NASA, which reflects the sun’s rays, preventing the heat from spreading through the roof. interior environment of buildings. The novelty has been adopted to avoid the formation of heat islands, very common in large cities.

Thermal ink repels the sun’s heat

How it works

Thermal ink has thousands of microspheres in its composition. Such elements, very similar to snowflakes, are actually hollow glass balls filled with air, which prevents the passage of heat. In addition to them, the paint is also mixed with resin, minerals and pigments, and the combination makes the product act as a thermal insulator.

The technology was developed by the North American Space Agency (NASA), which uses special paint on aircraft that travel to space, as a way to avoid heating up inside them, maintaining pleasant temperatures for the crew.

It can be applied to any type of material, such as wood, aluminum, steel, etc.


Due to its power of reflection of solar rays, which is around 99%, according to the manufacturers, the thermal paint applied on the roof prevents heat from spreading through the environment, becoming a great source of savings, especially for those who uses the air conditioning very often and always needs to keep the temperature lower. According to estimates, savings can reach 30% on the electricity bill.

In addition to saving money, it adheres to any type of material, such as aluminum, plastic, wood and steel, expanding its possibilities of use and application, for commercial and residential buildings, in various types of tiles, acting as a thermal coating for tiles.

Thermal ink is easy to apply

Application of thermal paint

In Brazil, numerous companies have already developed and commercialized the ink. The amount charged for the application of thermal ink will depend on the professional and the value of the ink found on the market, since, nowadays, it offers a range of options in brands. Research is still the best option for those who want to apply thermal paint, as prices can vary from store to store, as well as the price of the professional who will apply the product, if you don’t dare to apply it.

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