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Therese Lindgren on the decision not to have children – “People think I’m selfish”

The influencer and entrepreneur Therése Lindgren has long spoken openly about her decision not to have children. In “Malou meets”, she recently talked about how she and her fiance came to the decision, and why it seems to provoke those around them.

Photo: TV4

When the influencer Therése Lindgren was a guest of Malou von Sivers in “Malou meets”, she talked about her choice to talk openly about the fact that she and her fiance chose not to have children. “Above all, I’ve been so afraid to regret it, it’s so irreversible,” she says in the interview.

Has been called “selfish”

The couple has been supported in their choice, but also had to face some criticism from those around them. Among other things, Therese has been called “selfish” because of her choice. She also says that she has thought about whether it is a biological fault in her that makes her not want children. “I should probably want to reproduce because I’m human,” she says of her reflections on the matter. At the same time, she says that just the thought of carrying a child makes her feel sick. “I can’t imagine having a child in my belly, I feel sick just thinking about it,” she says in the interview.

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