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Therefore, you should never lean your face against the airplane window – according to the flight attendant

Do you tend to lean against the airplane window when you sleep during the trip? Here’s why you should ditch that bum!

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Sleeping often makes the flight go by faster, but resting against the plane window during the journey is not a good idea – at least if you ask flight attendant Linda Ferguson.

The dirtiest part of the airplane

Ferguson has 24 years of experience working on board aircraft and has told Reader’s Digest that the windows in particular are something to avoid contact with, unless you want to risk getting sick: according to her, they are “the dirtiest part of the plane” because passengers often cough and sneeze into them. It is also common for passengers to touch the windows with dirty hands.

“I see many people bring wet wipes to wipe the area around their seat. If there was a way to show all the germs on an airplane, I think it would freak people out. My rule of thumb is that I never put my hands in my mouth or near my face – and I never get sick,” she says.

This is how you protect yourself against bacteria on the trip

Another way to protect yourself against bacteria is to wipe the surfaces you intend to touch during the trip and to regularly wash your hands. In addition to the window, it’s a good idea to clean the fold-down tray in front of you – some passengers use these for diaper changes or to rest their feet on, and they rarely get cleaned between trips.

Even wipe off your belt while you’re at it, and think before you use the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you: according to flight attendants, these fill up with anything and everything during travel, from dirty handkerchiefs and vomit bags to socks, nails, chewing gum and half-eaten sweets.

Source: The Sun

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