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Therefore, Hannan was forced to leave “The Farm” – after only 11 days

This year’s round of “The Farm” has not been a disappointment to viewers who are looking for drama and unexpected twists. For participant Hannan El Abtah, the adventure ended after just two weeks.

Photo: TV4/CMore

In this year’s round of “The Farm”, several participants have chosen to leave the competition program voluntarily and there has also been a lot of drama on the farm. Contestant Hannan El Abtah entered as a challenger on Torpet but was forced to leave after only 11 days – due to her choosing strength as an event against participant Sandra Öder.

“Better two weeks than none”

To Happened Hannan has revealed why she chose strength in particular. “Sandra had that injury in her finger from when she had carved little Vincent. She had four or five stitches in her finger, and I thought that it can’t be nice to stand and hold a jug weighing a few kilos with stitches in her finger. So that was the reason why I chose strength,” she reveals. However, the choice would prove to be to Hannan’s disadvantage as she lost the competition. Although her stay in the program was short-lived, she is happy about her participation. “But I did what I could, I am satisfied with my participation. I can’t see how I could have done it differently. Better two weeks than none,” she tells Hänt.

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