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Therefore, doctors should prescribe vibrators – according to the researchers

New research has shown that the regular use of vibrators for sexual stimulation can lead to several health benefits – including reduced problems with incontinence and increased muscle strength in the pelvic floor.

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According to a group of researchers from the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in the United States, regular use of vibrators has been shown to have several health benefits. Previous research has already shown that regular masturbation has a positive impact on women’s health, both physically and psychologically, but this is the first time that the effect of vibrators has been included in such an investigation.

There are many advantages

But now researchers believe that vibrators could be considered a medical aid. Alexandra Dubinskaya, one of the researchers behind the study, tells Newsweek that there are still some taboos around vibrators and masturbation. This may be one of the reasons why their effect has not been sufficiently investigated before. Dubinskaya has done a systematic review of medical databases to get an overview of previous studies in the field. Previous studies show, among other things, that vibrators reduce the time it takes for a woman to achieve orgasm. “I’m sure there are many benefits to using vibrators that we don’t yet know about,” she told Newsweek.

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Possible benefits of using a vibrator

  • Reduced incontinence
  • Increased muscle strength in the pelvic floor
  • Shorter time to achieve orgasm
  • Reduced stress
  • Better sexual health

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