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There seems to be no sign of a season 2 of ‘The Sandman’ • ENTER.CO

One would think that The Sandman is one of those series that has a season 2 approved almost immediately. The show was a hit with fans and critics alike (on Rotten Tommatoes the show has a rating of 86% from critics and 84% from audiences). And yet, Netflix has remained very tight-lipped about announcing a new season.

Bad news… Neil Gaiman, creator of The Sandman comics, has suggested there may not be a season 2.

Through his Twitter account, Gaiman published an answer to the question that most have asked: is there going to be a season 2 of The Sandman and why hasn’t Netflix announced it? The answer is simple: success is not enough for Netflix to decide to invest in a season 2:

“… Sandman is a very expensive series. And for Netflix to release the money to allow us to do another season, we have to do it incredibly well. So yeah, we’ve been the best show in the world for the last two weeks. That still may not be enough.”

It is evident why Sandman is a series with high production costs. The show relies heavily on visual effects. But not only this, but it also has a cast that is difficult to beat, even bringing top-level stars to its episodes with guests.

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There is another element that Gaiman forgot to include and that is how the Sandman license may be another reason for the service to decide not to continue. The rights to the story belong to Warner Media, which is why the company is listed as a co-producer. This means that The Sandman not only means an extra expense for licensing issues, but it is not a safe entry in the Netflix catalog. In the same way that happened at the time with the Marvel series, it is possible that Warner decides to bring the series to HBO Max in the future. It’s not the kind of content that Netflix seems to be interested in right now.

That’s a shame, because as Netflix’s bonus episode last week proved, The Sandman still has a lot of great stories to tell. It only remains to hope that, unlike the story in the show, it is not a human error that takes us away from meeting the lord of dreams.

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