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“There is your MVP”: memes trolled Memo Ochoa after suffering a new defeat in Serie A

This Tuesday Guillermo Ochoa’s Salernitana conceded a new defeat by a large score in Serie A. This time it was at home against Juventus, who endorsed him three goals.

Social networks exploded with memes for the Mexican goalkeeper “Memo” Ochoa mainly because before the commitment he received the award from the club as the best player of the month of January.

The jokes despised the Mexican who has already received 17 goals in just six games since he joined the team in the winter market in January. However, the Aztec figure is the goalkeeper with the most saves in the five major European leagues.

However, on social networks they did not waste the opportunity to troll the goalkeeper, since since his arrival he has received some wins such as the eight goals against Atalanta.

With more than 15 games to play, Salernitana remains in 16th position with 21 points. At the moment he is out of the descent. Next Monday, February 13, they will face each other for matchday 22 against Bellas Verona.

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