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“There are not many seasons left for me”: Carlos Vela envisions his retirement and confesses that he enjoys the games like when he was a child

At 33 years old, Carlos Vela, MLS champion with LAFCseems to be at a great point in his career and still have a lot of gunpowder in his shoes, but the scorer of the Los Angeles team is already beginning to glimpse his retirement and he confessed that he is enjoying each game as if it were his last, as it well could be.

In an interview for Fox Sports, El Bombardero explained that he is getting old and that he already feels that he is close to retirement, which is why he is facing the matches with a very special attitude.

When you get older and you feel that your retirement is near, you start to enjoy each game because you will never know when it is the last one, I am enjoying it like when I started as a child because there are not many seasons left for me”, he commented.

Despite this, the Black and Gold attacker acknowledged that he still feels 100% and that he takes great care of his mind and body to continue playing at the top and bring more joy to his fans.

I feel good, I am enjoying where I am and that is my goal, make people enjoy my football, for me it is a motivation to be healthy and be well to play and show who I am, That’s my motivation,” he said.

LA Galaxy vs. LAFC in Week 1 of the 2023 MLS campaign

On his debut in the 2023 season of the American league, which will be this weekend at the Rose Bowl against LA Galaxy in what is better known as the Traffic Classic, Vela spoke about the favorable evolution for MLS that this rivalry has had and how he plans to deal with it.

“I think everything in the league is getting bigger, our rivalry with the Galaxy is getting bigger and a lot of people want to be there, we are doing things well and we are in a great direction,” he said.

“It’s an extra motivation because there are going to be more fans and the most important thing is to create a great game for everyone who is going to watch the game, we are going to make them enjoy it, we are going to do our best because we know how important it is for our fans to beat the Galaxy”, he concluded.

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