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Themed beauty salon: decorating tips

in the matter “Themed beauty salon: decoration tips” You will get to know different ideas for decorating the establishment based on a theme. The proposals are modern, authentic and manage to leave the environment with more personality.

Themed beauty salon: decoration tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

The beauty salon is a commercial establishment that needs a different decoration to attract the attention of the public. Customers are more satisfied with having their hair cut, nails done and face made up when they are invited to be part of a differentiated environment.

One way to overcome competition with the beauty salon is to invest in decoration. The environment can acquire a clean look, with many mirrors and neutral colors or also present its own identity through its aesthetics.

To break with the standards adopted by other beauty salons, it is worth investing in thematic decoration. This proposal seeks to value a certain theme in the space and transmit this authentic atmosphere to the client. There are many ideas that can be incorporated, but before any change it is necessary to know the preferences of the target audience.

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What this article covers:

Themed beauty salon ideas

Children’s beauty salon. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out ideas below themed beauty salon: decorating tips🇧🇷

Retro themed beauty salon

Retro themed beauty salon. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE beauty salon decoration aimed at women can innovate the style and follow a different and bolder line. Among the possible inspirations, it is worth mentioning the romantic retro atmosphere proposed by pinup theme🇧🇷 With this theme, it is worth working with the combination of pink, white and black, in addition to highlighting some of the characteristic symbols of the style, such as the naively sensual women portrayed in advertisements in the 1950s.

themed beauty salon marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley share space in the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

A beauty icon can also serve as inspiration for decorating the salon, as is the case with Marilyn Monroe, the diva of American cinema. Try spreading images of the actress around the room, valuing the photos in which she appears more beautiful and attractive. To reinforce the retro idea, it is worth following the decoration line using black/white colors in the space.

themed beauty salon childish

Children’s themed beauty salon. (Photo: Disclosure)

Recently, children have become the beauty salon’s new target audience. The establishments created to serve them offer a fun, cheerful look that is able to entertain younger customers. As the theme of the business is fun, the salons bet on a waiting room full of toys and a service area that is completely colorful and playful.

The children’s beauty salon has furniture and accessories compatible with the needs of customers. Instead of a tedious wait to get a haircut among adults, the child spends fun times at the establishment and makes new friends. Girls usually love the atmosphere of the children’s salon, where they can perform all kinds of services, such as haircuts, makeup and decorated nails.

Paris themed beauty salon

Paris themed beauty salon. (Photo: Disclosure)

To create a feminine and romantic atmosphere, many beauty salons are betting on Paris-themed decor. The elements that symbolize the French city share space with light pink and brown colors.

Take advantage of the ideas in the article “Themed beauty salon: decoration tips”🇧🇷 If you have another theme suggestion, leave a comment.

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