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The zodiac signs that will have a difficult week from September 5 to 11

The horoscope of the week predicts that 3 signs of the zodiac will have one of the most difficult weeks of the year. They will be the first to feel the effects of the next Mercury retrograde that, combined with the planetary movements that await us from September 5 to 11, will cause things not to turn out as expected.

LThe stars tell us that we must have patience with them because they will be more susceptible than usual, however, they also point out that they will be able to overcome this storm if they listen to their intuition, that is, if they suspect that something could go wrong, abandon that idea.

According to astrological predictions, published by YourTango.com, these are the signs that will have a difficult week from September 5 to 11, 2022.

He could be more scattered and angry with himself, so you will be prone to constant attacks of anger or anxiety. Although many ideas are in his head, most of them are brilliant, he will be overwhelmed because he will not find a way to realize them and carry them out.

Many people always expect the best from Gemini, after all they are good at what they do. The problem is that communication will not be as effective this week and things you should pay attention to, you will miss.

You won’t be satisfied with yourself. This week he will be very reflective and analyzing everything he has done and where he is going, the conclusions will not be satisfactory. The horoscope asks you to be calm and not get carried away by the impetus of his nervousness because the cause of this short circuit is the transit of Mercury and the Moon in trine with Mars.

These planetary movements only cause him to see himself as his own enemy and see everything he does as insignificant. The key will be to find the most positive to begin to overcome this difficult stage.

This week you will face hard tests at home and work, however, these difficulties are only in your head because, in the eyes of the universe they will be harmless, but you will tend to exaggerate them.

It works for Scorpios to listen to what their heart tells them, but now you might feel you’re wrong. And it is that the next retrograde Mercury begins to affect one of its strongest points: intuition.

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