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The zodiac signs that play better soccer

If you’ve ever wondered how skilled you’d be if you played professional soccer, astrology can give you a clue. Having the talent in your feet to drive the ball, dominate it, anticipate plays, elude rivals or score goals It could be a matter of the zodiac signs..

And it is that for football you not only need leg dexterity, but also mentality and knowing how to control emotions, in these last two points, it is where some signs stand out more than others.

Of course, being good at soccer depends on many physical factors and practice, but it is interesting to see how astrology can influence the performance of players on the field of play.

Based on a list of the signs of the best soccer players in the world who are currently playing in Qatar 2022, we tell you who are the most likely to succeed in this sport.

The most emotional and sensitive sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the Moon, knows how to connect head and feet to express his talent. For example we have the Argentine Lionel Messi and the Brazilian promise Vinicius Junior. If you are Cancer, be confident that you could have a hidden talent in your legs.

This sign is the most rebellious and extravagant, if he decides to dedicate himself to soccer, he will have the mentality to lead his team to great soccer glories. And it is that Aquarius is motivated by progress and humanity, so teamwork can be good for him. The best examples of the Aquarian personality in soccer are the portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and the selected one of Brazil Neymar.

The lion has the gift of leadership, grit, impetus and self-confidence. As a footballer he is not afraid to “put the team on his back” and take on the responsibility of being the driver to victory. He loves the spotlight, so his legs don’t shake when he bumps into the most skilled opponents or when he steps into a crowded stadium. footballers showing Leo’s personalities are the English Harry Kane, the Polish Robert Lewandowski and the Spanish promise Gavi.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and prosperity, Sagittarius is an optimistic and adventurous sign whose goal is to have the best experiences. He is not afraid of changes or obstacles, he always maintains a positive mentality that leads him to great things. The soccer players who embody the Sagittarius soccer personality are the French Kylian Mbappé and the Spanish Pedri.

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