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The zodiac signs that ask for more favors, but never return them

Astrology can help us understand why there are people who appear when they need something, but if you ask for their help they disappear as if by magic. There are signs of the zodiac that are not ashamed to ask for favors, but they never return them.

These zodiac signs have a greater emotional detachment in friendshipthat is, their logic tells them that they can rely on their friends, but it is difficult for them to offer their services because they do not believe they are capable of doing so.

It certainly doesn’t mean they’re bad friends, they have other ways to show their affection, for example, through loyalty or generosity, after all, each sign has both strengths and weaknesses. According to the opinion of astrologers on the Pink Villa site, we refer to the following zodiac signs.

While they are kind to their friends, their mouths are quicker than their thoughts, so when they feel the need to ask for a favor, they do so without thinking. They establish bonds of trust easily, so it is not difficult for them to ask for things.

However, when they have to offer their help, they hesitate to do so because they believe that their friendship is only being tested. Gemini thinks that a friend does not ask for anything in return, so he is surprised when someone wants to charge him for a favor.

He has a strong and fickle character that is difficult to read. It is a popular sign used to others doing things for him. His nature as a leader places him in a privileged position in which he almost never has to do favors, only ask for them..

For this reason, he feels uncomfortable when he has to take on the role of server; he is not used to it so he prefers to disappear. However, he is very generous with people who show loyalty and knows how to reward them, albeit in his own way.

He is a free soul who, although he loves and loves his family, friends and partner with his heart, thinks of himself before others. You don’t think twice when you need the support of your loved ones, but because of your lack of commitment, not available when they need your time.

The excuses become endless, but with the passage of time, you will know how to reward everything that has been given to you.

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