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The zodiac signs that are friends with your partner

Friendship and love are things that can coexist in a relationship, at least from an astrological point of view, because in the horoscope there are signs that can be lovers and friends of their partner at the same time.

And it is possible that their love story began as a friendship relationship and then they ended up falling in love, so their bond is more genuine because they have fewer secrets than those couples who show their best face on a date.

It may also be that what started as an affair became more and more serious and they realized that they not only match well in bed, they also complement each other as friends.

whatever the path, the following zodiac signs like to be friends and lovers with their partner.

In a relationship he maintains a calm approach as he does not want to commit further. Treating her lover as friends allows her to get to know each other more and when she least realizes it, she ends up falling in love. As PinkVilla.com comments in an article, Sagittarius respects personal space and never imposes things, thus avoiding complicated dynamics and keeping the bonds of friendship open with his partner.

The sign of the twins has a dual personality that allows them to play both roles within the relationship. Support and advise your partner as if you were their greatest friend, at the same time, meet the standards of a sentimental partner.

The responsibility of a relationship is too draining for an impulsive Aries, so to keep things light, treat your partner as a friend. This allows them to establish a more sincere and genuine communication, in addition, as a fiery fire sign he knows how to satisfy in intimacy.

Security is one of Libra’s priorities in a relationship, which is why they are capable of opening up completely. For this sign, balance is essential in the success of a romantic partnership, which includes playing various roles within it, including being a good confidant and lover.

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