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The zodiac men who run away from predictable relationships

Most of the signs of the zodiac seek to feel comfortable in a relationship, but this concept can be different for some and for others. While some love routine, security and stability, others they are more inclined towards adventure, adrenaline and the unknown, to this second group belong men who flee from predictable relationships.

When they feel that they have fallen into a monotonous dynamic of schedules, activities and expected situations, they begin to distance themselves. They do not like to have a routine life and yearn for a relationship that does not conform to established standardsthat is, that both have the freedom to do unexpected things.

According to astrology and based on a PinkVilla.com classification, we tell you which signs men who run away from unpredictable relationships belong to.

They dislike predictable relationships because they love the risk factor. They believe that opportunities come that way, so when they get involved with routine partners, they tend to end them.

They do not visualize a planned life that meets expectations. They are free souls who love in their own way and need independent thinking partners.

Monotony is something that Leo men dislike because, in their opinion, is a sign that your partner has settled. They don’t want a predictable relationship that lacks adventure. They want to grow and for their life partner to get involved in new personal projects. They need dynamism, mainly, in intimacy.

By nature, Sagittarius is the sign that most rejects commitments. His biggest fear is being attached to something, so routines make him uncomfortable. A predictable relationship makes him nervous because he loves adventure and spontaneity.. At the first signs of stability, you can run away.

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